Ways To Get PR In Canada
  • April 20, 2022
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Did you know Canadian Immigration plans to welcome 431,645 permanent residents in 2022?

Moreover, Canada’s new Immigration plan for 2022-2024 invites 1.33 million PRs to Canada.

Isn’t that fantastic news for those who want to move to Canada?

Of course, yes. You will be no surprised if you ask someone about the top 5 countries to immigrate to abroad, and you will hear the name of Canada at 1 or 2. Canada is believed to be one of the most secure and safe countries for you and your family. In addition, Canada offers plenty of job opportunities, free healthcare, and liberty of religion.

Have you ever wondered why Canada invites immigrants every year? Let us tell you.

Every year, Canada invites numerous people to fill the gap in the labor market. The Canadian economy is rapidly growing at a rocketed speed, and similarly, the number of people retiring has also increased. It means an enormous gap is required to fill for the smooth running of the Canadian economy. Therefore, the requirement for immigrants is higher in Canada.

What is Canadian PR visa:-

The five years of multiple entry visa cards that allow skilled workers to work and live in Canada are generally known as Canadian Permanent Residence visas. After three years of living and working there, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Benefits of PR in Canada:-

After getting the Permanent resident of Canada, you can enjoy the following advantages of being a Canada PR visa holder:

  • You can apply for the Canadian citizenship in the coming years.
  • You can live, work, and study  in the Canada.
  • You become eligible for the benefits that Canadian citizens are enjoying. Such as, Healthcare benefits.
  • You are protected under Canadian law.
  • Free education for children, and some social provisions for the family.
  • You can invite your parents post-settlement.
  • You can get access to the USA.

Major ways to get PR in Canada: –

The Following have mentioned 3 easiest ways to get PR in Canada, be settle there and start a new life: –

  • Express Entry System
  • The provincial nominee Program
  • Family sponsorship system 
  1. Express Entry System: – The initiative of express entry has taken place for skilled workers. It is basically started to simplify and also to speed up the process of Canadian immigration for those who want to work and live in Canada. You don’t need to wait for the job offer to apply, and this thing is the best about the express entry system. These days, immigrating to Canada is considered one of the fastest and simplest ways because of the 6-8 months of processing time. Following are the federal programs under which an applicant can apply:
  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class) 

PNP program has become one of the most ways to immigrate to Canada. It has been done at fast-track because some Canadian provinces have started immigration programs independently. For instance: British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta.

The main aim of this program is to send experience workers to the Canadian province so that the gap in the Canadian labor market can be filled. There are some territories or provinces in Canada where high shortage of labour can be witnessed. It means your job title should be eligible for the particular province.

  1. Family sponsorship system: – Under the family sponsorship visa system, a person over 18 years of age and has Canadian PR or Citizenship can invite his/her spouse, any relative or close ones to Canada to live and work. This visa covers:
  • Super Visa
  • Grandparents and Parents Sponsorship
  • Spousal and Family Sponsorship
  • Spousal and Common-law Sponsorship 

Requirements To get PR in Canada From India:-

We have mentioned step-by-step process below to make it clear to you:

  • 67 points are a must for you to be eligible to apply.
  • Must get an Educational credential assessment from WES.
  • Clearing Ielts is a must
  • Referral letter from the employer is a must
  • Lodge your application and mark all the provinces in the express entry.
  • Twice a month, draws are arranged by the IRCC. To apply, get the invitation.
  • 60 days will give to you to arrange all the required documents.
  • CIC will arrange a medical examination, and after clearance of examination and document verification, you have to submit your passport to Canadian immigration.

Documents required to get PR in Canada:-

The following listed documents are must to apply PR in Canada:

  • Educational documents
  • Experience letter of employment
  • WES report
  • Valid passport
  • Ielts result document
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Id proof

Rules of Canadian PR:-

Following are the rules you have to take into consideration before applying to get PR in Canada:

  • Score of 67 point is must
  • Your profile must be listed in the list of NOS of Canada.
  • Verified documents to prove your eligibility
  • Must have enough funds to manage your living in the Canada
  • Prove of Ielts

Is it easy to get PR in Canada?

Getting PR of Canada is not easy as it seems. Numerous steps have to be done to complete the visa process. Proper patience is required for the processing period.

It must be clear to you from the above details: what is Canadian PR, what documents are required to apply to get Canadian PR, benefits to get PR in Canada, general ways to get PR in Canada, and how to get PR in Canada from India. 

So, now, if you are planning to move to Canada and wonder about the immigration services that help you get PR in Canada. Then, let us be your savior.

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