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  • March 24, 2022
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Who doesn’t want to go abroad for studies?  

Do you agree with me?  

Oh, stop thinking; I know it’s a ‘YES’.  

Because this is the only reason that you are here, and searching for the best countries to study abroad. There might be a chance that you are one of those who are still in dilemma. Do not worry at all. You will get all your answers briefly in the text below. 

And, my super enthusiastic and passionate people who want to go to study abroad will get more clarity about their goals. Therefore, please go through the information below.

Why choose abroad for studies?

Going to study abroad is not just a trend; we can say that it has become a requirement of recent times. Some people want to go abroad for holidays, some go to meet their family or loved ones, but there is a high number of people who are going abroad to pursue their studies.

Every 6 of 10 students desired to study in a foreign country. You must be one of them too. And, why not go because studying in abroad will help you to learn more related to your studies, knowledge, life experiences and so much more. No matter if it is your dream or needs to study abroad, in every sense you’ll get to benefit in many ways.

However, it doesn’t as easy as it seems because there are so many things that must be considered. One of them is to choose the country where you are going to study. It is a prominent thing as your whole career will depend upon it. Numerous countries are considered as the best countries to study abroad. 

Benefits to choosing only the best countries to study abroad:-

The below-given are the benefits that you are going to experience if you choose foreign countries to study:  

  • Experience about different countries & cultures: When you are in a new country surrounded by different-different people related to different cultures and beliefs, you get to learn many new things. In short, while visiting one country you get to witness the culture of numerous cultures.
  • Attractive employment opportunities: One of the prominent reasons students opt abroad for studies is the employment opportunities. There are plenty of jobs in foreign countries. Not just after completion of studies, even students get the job to do in the free time of their studies. Students can work while pursuing their studies and manage their expenses.
  • Become Independent: Going for studies in another country means trying to achieve something to come out of your comfort zone. And, when you are alone and away from your family, you will automatically start becoming independent, and start doing your things on your own.
  • Learn the different languages: Being multi-lingual is a power in itself. In today’s world the more languages you know, the more successful you are. When you are abroad you get to meet new people, and from these people, you get the perk to learn new languages.
  • Meet new friends: Meeting new people is an adventure in itself, and gaining good friends with them is the best feeling in the world. When you go to study abroad, you can make new friends at your college, at your workplace, at the place where you are living, etc. In abroad, these friends can be your savior in your alone times. 
  • Better EducationNo matter how developed and great the education system you have in your country but no one can beat the level of education that is provided by foreign countries. 
  • Life-time experience: Being abroad is itself a great experience especially when you are going particularly for study abroad, it will surely be a lifetime experience. You will learn how to organize everything on your own and become self-sufficient.
  • You will value your family more: There is no doubt that when you are away from your loved ones, only then you will know the actual value of them in your life.

All the above information is about the benefits of studying abroad. Now we are moving towards discussing the best countries to study abroad.

Top 4 best countries to study abroad:-

Though, there are plenty of benefits of studying abroad. But, going to study abroad is not less than a challenge in itself. However, one of the most difficult challenges that a student has to face before going foreign is to decide, what are the best countries to study abroad? 

Therefore, keep that question in the mind; we have shortlisted the top 5 best countries to study abroad. The list is given below in the brief:- 

1.Canada:-  These days, the country that has become one of the mostpreferred among the students is, Canada. This country is not just famous forits high standards of living. In fact, the education system of this country isbelieved to be the best in the world. Canada is considered as one of the top 10safest countries under the global peace index, and the third-best country inthe world for the quality of life there.

Why Canada is one of the best countries to study abroad:- For decades, many people are heading towards Canada, and this country is also welcoming people coming from all around, the globe wholeheartedly. Some of the prominent reasons to choose this country for studies are given below:

  • Crime rate is low: Canada is one of the peaceful and safest countries in this world. Therefore, the global peace index has given this country the place under the top 10 safest countries to live in.
  • Best Universities: Canada is full of top universities. Therefore, it is considered as the place of the best education in the world. University of Toronto, University de Montreal, Calgary University, Western Ontario University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, are some of the popular educational places there.
  • Health benefits to students: Numerous health benefits are offered to students by the Canadian authorities. For instance, after applying for the study visa of Canada, International students automatically get registered in the Foreign Health insurance Plan and become eligible for free basic health checks through the MSP provision
  • Safety & Security: There is no doubt that Canada is the safest and completely secure country in the world. The global peace index has proved it right after giving a place to Canada in the top 10 safest countries.
  • Best education system: Among the world’s top 250 universities, Canada has claimed to have the top 10 universities in the country itself. Therefore, there is no sense in arguing that the Canadian education system is one of the best education systems in the world.
  • Many Placement opportunities: Numerous doors towards success will open for the students who complete their studies in Canada. 
  • Promising Future: After completing your studies in Canada, your future will be bright. You will get plenty of jobs not just in Canada; companies from all over the world will welcome you with a warm smile because you’ll have the best international degree in your hand.
  • Cost of living and study is affordable: Both the fee of courses and the expenses of living are affordable in Canada. Student can easily manage their daily expenses there.
  • Earning with Learning: Not just after studies, students are allowed to work and earn in their leisure time while pursuing their studies. 
  • Diversion of culture: When it’s come to be warm and welcoming, Canada is one the most popular in this matter. People of different cultures from all over the world have migrated to Canada and settled there. Therefore, when you go to Canada, you get to meet different people of different-different cultures and beliefs.
  • Opportunities by Immigration: After studying In Canada for 2 or more years, you will become very well familiar with the culture and living standard of Canada. Then, if you want to be live there permanently, IRCC will offer you a chance to be settled in Canada as a permanent citizen.  

2.Australia:- When you hear the name of Australia, kangaroos, Koalas, beaches, and open places of outback bushes, starts coming to your mind. But believe us, Australia is much more than what you are expecting it. The students from all over the globe choose Australia to study because of the high-rated education system and vibrant city life. 

Why Australia is one of the best countries to study abroad:-

  • Top Universities: When it’s come to Australia, you will get plenty of choices to study in top universities. There are 43 top universities in Australia which provide great education to their students for their bright and successful future.
  • Availability of major courses: Each kind of major course whether it is related to Mathematics, Science, or English, is available in the universities of Australia.
  • Availability of internship: The interested students can get the benefit of getting an internship right after completing their studies. 
  • Great scenic outdoors: Australia is famous for beaches and many other places to visit. No matter whether it is urban or rural areas of the country, every place has some breath-taking landmarks to see.
  • Easy student visa access: In the comparison of the other countries of the world, the efficiency of the study visa of Australia is better. 
  • Wonderful Work Opportunities: A student who graduates from an Australian university can get job opportunities very easily. The chance of landing on the job is very high even if you don’t want to return to your country.
  • Cultural diversity: Different-different kind of people migrates to Australia every now and then. Therefore, it has become a diverse cultural country. You will get to learn about a new language, and new culture, etc. 
  • Affordability: The fee structure of Australian universities is much more affordable as compared to other top countries.   

3.United Kingdom: – The United Kingdom is considered as the second most famous place for students for studies. Numbers of students go to the UK for studies every year. So, if you also want to acquire higher quality education and a global experience of a rich life, then the UK will be the best choice for you.  

Why the UK is one of the best countries to study abroad:-

  • Top Renowned Universities: The universities of the UK have a 100% academic reputationUniversity of Edinburgh, University College London, Imperial College, London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, are some of the renowned universities of the United Kingdom.
  • Multicultural UK: Here you can meet people from different countries and cultures. This diversity factor will increase your knowledge and you’ll get to learn new things every day.
  • Wonderful work opportunities: Just like the above countries, you will get plenty of job opportunities after studies and also while pursuing studies too. 
  • Scholarship: If you want to study in the UK but can’t able to pay the fees, nothing to worry about it. Because most of the renowned universities of the United Kingdom offer merit-based and funding programs for foreign students.
  • Health benefits for students: While studying in the UK, you can get the benefit of taking free medical treatment through the NHS (National Health Service). You just need to pay IHS (Immigration health surcharge) at the time of applying for a student visa to avail of this offer.
  • Work permit after studies: After completing the study, if you don’t want to come back to your country as most students do the same, then you need to apply for a work visa on which you can work there freely. In that case, your student route PSW will switch into a Student route general visa.  

4.The United States Of America:- USA( The Unites State Of America), has huge popularity among students. USA’s education system is high-rated but the vibrant life and high living standard of USA attract lots of students every year.   

Why the USA is one of the best countries to study abroad:-

  • The American education system is considered as the higher standard.
  • The USA has the world’s most number of top universities in it. 
  • Some American universities provide scholarship benefits to International students.
  • America is the hub of job and business opportunities. So, after completing the degree your career is bright. 
  • Cultural diversity can be seen in the USA.
  • High and vibrant standard of living. 

Going to study abroad is not a decision to take in hurry. Your whole life depends upon this decision, after all leaving your family and loved ones behind is not easy. Therefore, just take a sigh of relief and go through the above information of best countries to study abroad again if you want, and then decide which country you will choose. 

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