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The chance to study in the best place at the best institution is a dream for every student. There are a large number of students yearning to get the best education and training. But they don’t have the right guidance so the best USA Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar help you in the same.  They look for good opportunities and work hard to achieve them. One such dream opportunity for every student is a chance to study in the USA. 

The USA is a dream station for every student. It offers equally good opportunities to students from all fields and they get an opportunity to become the best in their dream fields. Along with that, the developed economy of the country requires new talent every year and the students get a chance to get the best in the world. You can create your desired future by studying and working in the USA. 

NFCI Global has established itself as a distinguished USA Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar.  We provide supervision and assistance support to study aspirants. With our experience and expertise, we have a good understanding of the complex visa procedure of the USA. Our comprehensive range of services makes sure that you can conveniently travel and study in some of the best universities in the world. 

Why USA?

The United States of America catter the most number of international students in the world, due to its quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural atmosphere, and abundant opportunities.   

The US is having some of the finest universities, a lot of which consistently rank in the world university rankings.  American universities are also known to have high academic standards and work rigorously to maintain that quality. Time Higher Education ranking also ranked seven of the American universities in its top 10 list of universities. The education system of the USA is very flexible, students not only having a choice to select the course of their choice but also have the flexibility to choose the structure of their course. American universities understand the struggles of international students and therefore conduct regular counseling and induction programs, workshops, and training to offer assistance to the students.

Requirements for student study visa for the USA:

The general requirements for a study visa in the USA are:

  • A valid passport with a validity 6 months beyond the duration of your stay (old passports if any)
  • Recent coloured photographs (passport size)
  • Form 1-20
  • Confirmation page of DS-160
  • Financial records and proof of financial resources for stay, health, study and tickets.
  • Payment of application fees for SEVIS
  • Application as a non-migrant
  • Offer letter, admission details, formal letter etc.
  • Accommodation details

Other documents requirements by your specific university or your specific visa type. There are different types of student visa issues for studying in the USA.

  • F1 visa (common USA student visa)
  • F2 visa (Student dependent visa for an immediate family member of F1 visa holder usually a spouse)
  • M1 visa (for Students pursuing vocational course)
  • M2 visa (Student dependent visa for an immediate family member of M1 visa holder usually a spouse)
  • J1 intern category visa for students pursuing training or experience in the USA.
  • J2 dependent visa for the immediate family member of J1 visa holder usually a spouse)

Why should you study in the USA?

The universities in the USA are considered the best in the world. It offers the best platform that is clear from their popularity and quality education. The comprehensive study model in the educational institutes of the USA beautifully balances practical and theoretical learning for better understanding. 

  • Pocket-friendly education- Although the USA has the best universities in the world, they are not very expensive. They have Pocket-friendly fee structures with scholarships and financial aid offers for overseas students. 
  • Multicultural country with educational Flexibility- The US population encompasses multicultural people. Along with that, there are flexible education options with multiple levels and different exit options. There is a wide range of courses to suit all kinds of Career options. 
  • Support systems for international students- Given the rising number of overseas students in the USA, the country has introduced various facilities and financial aid for international students to study and stay in the USA. 
  • Safe environment- Students are often fearful of studying in a foreign country due to safety reasons. But students can rest assured that the USA image a safe environment for students and overseas students. 
  • Part-time jobs and internships- There are too many opportunities for students to do part-time jobs and internships for students. Along with studies, students can gain experience with studies. 
  • Beautiful campuses- The globally renowned universities in the USA have big and beautiful campuses with a good standard of living and attractive style. 

NFCI Global Services

Although the process of getting a study visa for the USA involves a difficult and complicated process. We are at your service as a leading USA study visa services in Jalandhar. We give support in:

  1. IELTS coaching- A qualification in an English language test is essential to study abroad. We provide flexible IELTS coaching with small batches of 15 students for undivided attention. We also impart practical teaching in comparison to theoretical teaching.
  2. Assistance in course selection- You will find a very wide range of courses in foreign countries. We help you to find your preferred course and help you to choose the right university or college with it.
  3. Filing Admission application- Every college or university has its admission forms and formalities that need to be completed for visa and further admission. In that case, we assist you to fill and file the form with the preparation of all the other documents.
  4. Getting an offer letter- Receiving an offer letter from the university is the first step to study overseas. It is also required for visa applications. We help you get the offer letter from your preferred university. 
  5. Avail scholarship and financial aid- Foreign countries and international universities provide various kinds of scholarships and financial aid to overseas students. Here, USA Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar get to help you to get that aid and offer financial support in international studies. 
  6. Helping in accommodations, financial records and health cover- A confirmation on accommodation, financial records and health cover for a study visa. We guide you to get those documents and rightly submit them for further processing. 


  • Admission Checklist
  • Sample SOP
  • CV v/s Resume
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP- Guidelines
  • Resume – Guidelines
  • General RECO Letter
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Resume – Sample
  • Business RECO Letter

Colleges and Universities in the USA

  • Mercyhurst University
  • Marymount California University

Why Choose NFCI Global for study in the USA?

NFCI Global has been working as a USA study visa service in Jalandhar for years. With years of experience, it has become an experienced USA study visa service provider in Jalandhar. It provides all-around end-to-end service for studying abroad. Along with that we always keep the details of our clients private and confidential. We partner our clients in their journey towards their dreams and give complete assistance for removing any kind of barrier that comes in between the way. 

Study in the USA and make a successful career with the expert USA study visa consultants in Jalandhar. 

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