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A good education is a key to a decent future. For this reason, students try hard to study and get good results while chasing the best opportunities for themselves. In this case, studying aboard in popular educational institutions and getting admission is important.  One such place where you can find one of the most promising institutions and your preferred courses in the UK. Here, UK Study Visa Consultant Punjab can help u immensely. NFCI Global has been helping people study abroad. It has been a traditional centre of education with popular universities more than a century old with a great record of teaching some of the most popular minds of the world. Even today it is a trusted destination for quality study. 

NFCI Global is the best UK Study Visa Consultant Punjab that assists students in every step to study in the UK. We assist in visas, tickets, admission, accommodations etc. We have expertise in preparing the right packages according to your individual needs with assuring you for a hassle-free journey within the right time.

The UK is one of the most preferred destinations for overseas students. It houses some of the most promising universities and educational institutes that have a frequent appearance on the rank in the the world’s best universities. The degrees, certificates or other qualifications from these institutions are recognised and valued around the world. Students get a promotion chance to sharpen their skills and attain good knowledge and experience.

Why UK?

The United Kingdom is a world-leading country in many areas of education including engineering, science, art and design, business and management, law, and finance. With only one percent of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for 8% of global scientific publications. 

The U.K attracts over 600,000 international students each year to a variety of programs ranging from English language courses to Ph.D.’s. The U.K gives the freedom to the students to combine courses and Subjects, U.K courses are generally shorter than other countries, that helps to reduce overall tuition fees and accommodation costs. Students will also get the opportunities to work while studying.  Students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and work full time during their break semester. 

International students will also have access to free medical treatment while studying in the UL through National Health Service (NHS).

Document requirements for study visa in the UK

The documents that are needed for a study visa in the UK are:

  • A valid passport with validity beyond your decided stay (copies of old passport if any)
  • Proof of enough financial resources for sustaining your stay, accommodation, study, healthier and tickets.
  • Confirmation of acceptance studies, admission document and offer letter
  • Documents for obtaining CAS
  • Passport size-coloured recent photographs
  • Recent Medical examination reports 
  • If required, screening for tuberculosis
  • Additional requirements laid by the specific university you take admission into the UK. 

Why should you study in the UK?

There are several advantages of studying in the UK. There are as follows:

  • Pocket-friendly fees- The fees of studying in the educational institutes of the UK are affordable. You will not have to spend extra money studying in the UK. 
  • Internationally renowned courses and qualifications- The UK has been popular for its good choice of popular courses. Qualifications from institutes of UK is considered as a good advantage for its popularity in the world. 
  • Safety and hospitality- The country is safe for international students and it has good hygiene conditions. The people of the UK are very hospitable and they always greet foreigners warmly.
  • Financial support-The University in the UK has always offered financial support to deserving students overseas. At the same time financial assistance by the government sanctions. Even the private university gives good financial aid. 
  • Best English teaching institutes- There is no doubt that the best English in the world can be learned through educational institutions and universities in the UK. Your qualifications will be considered all around the world.
  • Short courses- A unique quality of the study courses in the UK is their shorter duration. You can even save time and money with this benefit. 
  • Part-time job opportunities- For sustaining spending, students get good part-time job opportunities to work and study at the same time and even send some money back home. 

Our services for studying the UK:

NFCI Global take pride in providing comprehensive services for studying in the UK like:

  • IELTS- A good score on the IELTS test is necessary to apply for admission to foreign countries and for applying for a study visa.
  • Career guidance- We provide good career guidance that can help you get acquainted with your wants. We also help you find the relevant universities and plan for your future. 
  • Financial aid- You might find it difficult to manage to spend abroad. We help you get the financial aid organised by the government or universities for meritorious and other overseas students. 
  • All-round assistance- You might get only few services from any other UK study visa consultants in Punjab. But we take pride in providing complete all-around assistance for travel, staying and studying abroad with convenience. 
  • Pre-departure and post-departure service- It is difficult to get contacts and assistance after leaving your country. But need not to worry, we are experts in pre-departure and post-departure service for ensuring a smooth and memorable stay. 
  • Accommodation and health cover- We arrange for good accommodation facilities to stay in a foreign country while you are studying. At the same time, we shall help you to find a relevant health cover for fulfilling the eligibility to study abroad.


  • Admission Checklist
  • Sample SOP
  • CV v/s Resume
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP- Guidelines
  • Resume – Guidelines
  • General RECO Letter
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Resume – Sample
  • Business RECO Letter

Colleges and Universities in the UK

  • University of Bedfordshire
  • BPP University
  • University of East London
  • St. Mary University
  • London South Bank University
  • Greenwich University
  • University of Worcester
  • De Montford University
  • Bangor University
  • University of Dundee
  • University for Creative Arts

Why choose NFCI global for Study in the UK?

NFCI global is an experienced UK Study visa immigration Jalandhar. We have grown while serving clients who desire to study abroad. We manage all the legalities, visa procedures and admissions into foreign universities. Along with that we also help you get good accommodations and prepare proper financial reports. We are experts in complete immigration assistance throughout the process. 

Get the best study opportunities in the UK by choosing the right UK Study visa immigration in Jalandhar. 

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