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Every student dream is to get the best opportunities and embark on a journey towards professionalism. Renowned universities give countless outlets to students for following their passion and planning a bright future for them. One such country is Australia that provides world-class education, not only to its citizens but also to foreign students. It is a top destination for global education. 

There are 8 of the top 120 world’s best universities located in Australia. It houses 1100 educational institutions offering a variety of study programs. Nearly 35 Australian universities are tagged as the best university in the world. Along with it, the country is hospitable and multicultural offering scope to foreign students. You can be assured that students get a quality education with a unique learning and living experience.

NFCI Global is a trusted Australia Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar that looks after all the documentation requirements for high-quality education in Australia. Along with studies, there are other offers like research offers, industrial training and part-time jobs. The island nation is the best place for studying science and technology, business, and humanities. There are different levels of study alternatives like graduation, post-graduation, diploma, doctorate and certificate courses.

Why Australia?

Australia is a popular Study spot among the students looking to Study Abroad because of its friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system and high standards of living. It is the third most popular destination for International students, 

Higher studies from Australian universities and colleges are highly valuable due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. The system is carefully controlled by the government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. The tuition fee costs are generally lower in Australia as compared to the United states and United kingdoms. International Students are able to work part time while they study, that will help them in managing their living cost there.  

With its wide range of colleges and universities offering a variety of study programs and courses, students easily find the course of their interest, even if they are able to transfer easily from one institute to another.


  • Admission Checklist
  • Sample SOP
  • CV v/s Resume
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP- Guidelines
  • Resume – Guidelines
  • General RECO Letter
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Resume – Sample
  • Business RECO Letter

Eligibility and documents for study visa to Australia

We have years of experience in working as an Australian study visa expert Jalandhar and we have listed the necessary documents for applying for a study visa:

  • Proof of English Language capability by qualification in English test like IELTS
  • Academic requirements of study documents and relevant school and college certificates.
  • Student Visa documents
  • Admission and offer letter
  • Proof for financial resources to stations the trip including course fees, living cost and airfares.
  • Health and character certificates
  • Health cover and insurance.

Benefits of study in Australia

There are a big bulk of benefits to choose Australia for higher studies. The benefits are as follow:-

  • Top ranking universities- Australia houses some of the best educational institutions. 5 out of the 30 best cities for students are situated in Australia. The country spends a budget of 250 million dollars every year for offering scholarships and financial support to foreign students.
  • One of the best research centres- The popular research of WIFI, penicillin, black box etc are used around the globe. There are various research centres in Australia that give a mole of opportunity to students for research in industry, innovations and science.
  • Quality education:- The Australian government has added an extra service for overseas students. In that case, foreign students get the best quality of education for global recognition. 
  • Best courses- The universities in Australia provide a comprehensive range of courses in science, technology, humanities, design etc. There are different levels of study offered and a wide variety of flexibility. 
  • High-tech cities- There are high-tech cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and many more located in Australia. The standard of living and high average income. The cities are clean and urbanized. 
  • Favourable weather- The country has pleasant weather. Spring and autumn are the best seasons in that country. The weather is warm in summer and moderate during winters.

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Our services for study in Australia include

IELTS Service

We provide IELTS coaching with small batches and practical teaching methods for a better understanding of students.

Selection of courses on your needs

There is a wide range of courses available for study in Australia. We help you to choose your preferred course at the most suitable university.

Student visa application, processing my approva

It is difficult to get a student visa in comparison to a tourist visa. More formalities and eligibility requirements are placed and we assist in completing this difficult task.

Offer letter and tuition fee recommendations

Offer letter is essential for admission and visa procedures and we get it for you to study abroad. At the same time, we give important suggestions for tuition fees and other formalities from our experience.

Latest offers and scholarships

Every country launches new offers and scholarships from time to time for international students and even universities have something new to offer. For this purpose, we help you to get acquainted with such offers and apply for them.

Application submission in a foreign university

We fulfil all the formalities on your behalf and submit your application and documents to a foreign university. We also track the admission procedures and plan the rest of the tickets and visa details according to it.

Assistance for accommodation, health over

According to the visa eligibility, it is important to have a confirmed booking for accommodation, health certificate, and health insurance for receiving the visa. The Australia Study Visa Expert in Jalandhar got it all covered for you.

Preparing financial and educational records

The visa application requires proper documents for financial and education records to get approved. We help you to prepare the records in the best way so that they get approved.

Pre-departure and post-departure services

We take pride in providing pre-departure and post-departure services to assist you in a comfortable johnny and easy settlement in a foreign country.

Universities & Colleges in Australia

  • Atmc- Southern Cross University
  • Federation University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Victoria University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Sibt College
  • Tafe Colleges
  • Navitas

Why choose NFCI Global?

NFCI Global possesses expertise as an Australia Study visa consultant in Jalandhar. Our team is always at your service to address all your concerns and queries. It is difficult to complete the formalities of an international university situated in a foreign country. Our goal is to make sure that you conveniently and timely complete all the requirements to study abroad and establish a good career in future. 

Study at renowned international university with the expertise of an Australia study visa consultant in Jalandhar. 

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