France Tourist Visa

france tourist visa

It is a common desire to explore a foreign country and spend some time away from routine life. It’s satisfying to visit a new country and especially witness a developed nation and get a view of different structures, monuments and even interact with foreigners. The world is a big place and you can be assured that you will find something extraordinary at every given place. France is a popular country known for its places, beautiful locations and cheerful people and most importantly the Eiffel tower. There can be various reasons to travel, either you want to meet your friends or relatives, tour the country, business purposes or something else. The best way to travel in a foreign country is the service from a good France tourist visa consultant Jalandhar. 

Numerous flights travel and connect the two countries. But, one essential requirement for travelling is a Travel Visa for France. It is the official permission and clearance to travel in a foreign country. The Visa allowance requires you to be eligible and submit all the necessary documentation at a time with filling necessary forms. This can be quite a difficult job for travelling.

NFCI Global has established itself as a leading France Tourist Visa consultant Jalandhar with pride. We have been working sending flocks of travelers to France and even Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore etc. Our services provide you with Visa clearance and reduce the chances of Visa rejection. NFCI Global assists with the steps involved in getting a Visa. We supervise Visa processing, prepare travel itinerary and even manage accounting books and other travel requirements.

Documents required for France Visa application

  • Confirmed return ticket
  • Original passport (It should have a validity of 6 months from the return date with at least one blank page). 
  • Copies of old passport with attached travel history.
  • Visa application forms should be filled with 2 signatures.
  • Two recent photographs (It should have Matt finish, 70% face coverage and white background). 
  • An Original letter signed by the applicant, passport information,  expense data, travel information and reason for travelling to the country. It should have an authorization stamp by the Consulate General of France in Mumbai. 
  • Financial statements of past 3 months  (Mention Bank name and phone number)
  • Hotel or accommodation booking confirmations
  • Salary slip of last 3 months 

The Visa process takes nearly 2 weeks and more in special cases. While a France tourist visa services Jalandhar can ensure smooth processing. 

France tourist visa details:

There are some necessary details to note while applying for a France tourist visa:

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You can stay up to 90 days for nearly 6 months.


It’s suggested to apply for a Visa nearly 1 or 2 months before the scheduled travel.


Reveal the details of your trip and plans in France.


The documents need approval from the immigration officials of New Zealand to process visas.

5 reasons to visit France

France is a popular country with numerous spots for tourists to visit. You can be assured that your trip to France will be worth it by visiting:

  • Witness romance- The capital of France that is Paris is also known as the city of Romance. There are beautiful architectural monuments, museums, the Eiffel tower and even Disneyland. You will never feel content after walking for miles in the streets of Paris. It is an ideal destination for couples to visit
  • World-famous wine- France is popular for its exotic food with tasty bread, sauces, streaks, pastries, cheese and much more. Paris houses Michelin starred restaurants and cafes in every street. Moreover, the wine from Paris is famous globally with a comprehensive range of options like homemade wine and classic champagne or red wine.
  • Shop the best fashion in the world- France has some of the best fashion houses and boutiques from world-class designers. The popular brands of Coco Chanel and Dior have originated from France. You can shop for the best of fashion from France.
  • Stroll through the historical monuments- There is no doubt that France has a rich history. It witnessed the Napoleonic era, French revolution and even World War 2. It houses historical churches, cathedrals, palaces and even the Notre-dame.
  • Visit French Riviera- There is no doubt that it will be wonderful to visit French Riviera. It has a long coastline, bright blue sky, medical villages and fine beaches. You can stroll through the streets, visit beaches, enjoy water activities and shop through the markets.

Our support for France tourist visa:

NFCI Global specialise in France tourist visa services Jalandhar. We assist you in every step of appointment, filling forms and Verifications processes. We help you in:

  • Helping in Filling visa application forms
  • Assistance in preparing financial statements and formal letters for application.
  • We collect and prepare the relevant t documents for your visa procedure.
  • Planning travel packages and accommodations.
  • Guidance in salary slip preparations and passport copies.

Benefits of choosing NFCI for France Tourist visa:

Travel to your dream destination with services from the distinguished France tourist visa consultant Jalandhar.

NFCI global being a leading France tourist visa consultant Jalandhar. We have an expert and qualified team at your service in end-to-end visa service. Our efforts are directed to make sure that your visa has the highest chance of getting approved and processed. We track and monitor the visa process and coordinate with the department. NFCI global shall be at your service and make the complex task of visa processing easy for you to travel. Tourist visa and study abroad services for all the popular nations around the world. We partner with you at each step for the complete address of queries and concerns for a hassle-free journey. 

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