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We all know that Australia is a truly mesmerizing beautiful place and has many magnificent tourist attractions that are completely worth visiting. If you are a travel buff and have a travel bucket list then Australia should be on the top of that. Now, let’s not forget the most important part that is required to visit Australia is an Australian tourist visa. The best way to get all the requirements for travelling is Australia is an Australia tourist visa consultant Jalandhar. 

Tourist Visa is one of the most integral things that you require to travel to Australia, it is approved and provided by the Government of Australia for short-term tourism. The tourist visa is applied by the tourists from the allowed places to have a vacation or spend time with their family members who live outside. The Australian tourist visa can be issued for 3 months and can also be extended for about 12 months under some situations. 

So, if you want to visit Australia and want to know about the visa then we at NFCI provide Australia Tourist Visa Consultant Jalandhar. Here, you will get to know all the information you want to gain about the Australia Tourist Visa. We, here at NFCI Global provide the best Australia tourist Visa services Jalandhar and avail our best to provide a luxurious and hassle-free visit to the people going abroad, we make a travel plan for our customers according to their convenience by discussing with them to help them from choosing a plan to their air tickets, the accommodation, transportation and other various important things. NFCI global takes complete care of everything so that our customers could get the proper services and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. 

Now, let’s have a look at the important procedures NFCI Global has to go through and the documents that are necessary for the Australia Tourist Visa. There is certain eligibility that is required for the tourist visa to be approved by the government of Australia, let’s reflect upon the eligibility that is required by the people to visit eligibility:

Eligibility for Australian tourist visa

As an Australia tourist visa consultant in Jalandhar, we know about the process of traveling abroad. There are pre-determined regulations and eligibility criteria receiving tourist visa of Australia that are:- 

  • The health eligibility

The health requirements needed varies for different types of visas. There may sometimes not be a requirement for tourist visas. The various medical tests take place to acquire an Australian tourist visa for Indians. If you are at the age of 75 or more than that, or if you want to stay for more than 6 months, you will have to provide a medical certificate. 

  • You must pass the required character eligibility

The tourists must generate a character certificate to provide it to the embassy. You can also submit it in the form of a Police Clearance Certificate too.

  • Enough bank balances

If you are visiting Australia then you must have enough bank balance so that you can afford your stay. If you don’t have enough bank balance, then you should at least have access to funds so that you are capable of paying your funds. 

  • Genuine visiting purpose

While you are applying for a tourist visa, you must make sure that you are a genuine visitor and are visiting Australia only for tourism. And, at the same time, you are also required to stay within the terms and conditions. 

  • You must have a health insurance

You must have health insurance so that you can cover all sorts of possible injuries. The insurance may limit your financial liability. 

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Documents required for Australia Tourist Visa:

There are several documents that you might require during issuing an Australian tourist visa. Here are the documents that you need to have:

  • You must have an original passport which should be valid for 6 months from the date of your journey.
  • You must have coloured photographs as per the specifications of the photo.
  • You must have a detailed cover letter
  • You must have proof of a change of name if is applicable
  • You must have proof of financial fluids in which you will have to show the bank statement of your savings account for the last 6 months and a salary slip or any other similar documents.
  • You must have an invitation letter if you are visiting a friend and the letter must specify your relationship with the one who has invited you, the purpose of the visit and the length of stay in the country and the point that whether they are staying with you must also be specified.
  • You must provide proof of you returning home like a letter from your employer, application or letter from your school, college or the university, a proof that you have a family back at home, you have to provide proof of the big assets at your home and have to provide the return ticket.
  • You must provide the character documents
  • You must provide your income tax returns proof
  • You must show your proof of identification which would be your PAN card or your Aadhaar card.

5 reasons to travel to Australia for tourism

There are several reasons why you should consider visiting Australia for travel and tourism purposes. It is a remote place with good natural marvels and captivating wildlife. You can visit Australia for :

For a beautiful road trip

Australia has a big landmass with natural surroundings and camping sites to enjoy and explore wildlife. You can spend time cycling or driving through the coast of Australia with beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy at the beaches

Australia is surrounded by water on all sides. It is home to some of the best beaches in the world. It has a coastline of 23,000 miles perfect for enjoying the beaches. You can surf, rest over sand and appreciate the waves under the sun.

Exceptional Nature and wildlife

Australia has a big treasure of exotic nature and wildlife. You can sunbathe, stroll at the grasslands and watch popular kangaroos, koala, cockatoos in Australia. You can camp between the forest and feel close to the environment.

World-famous great barrier Reef

The popular great barrier reef is among the most amazing miracles of nature. It is the biggest coral reef system with living creatures. They are even visible from space. Nothing can be better than experiencing this once in a time opportunity.

Amazing cities and traditional culture

Australians have one if the most ancient cultures and tribes have preserved it with care. On the other hand, the big cities in the country have great festivals, pompous vibes with a great style.

Benefits of choosing NFCI Global:

We here at NFCI Global the best Australia Tourist Visa services Jalandhar will provide the customer with detailed guidance at every step during the visa filing so that they can acquire their visa smoothly and we will provide the complete solutions for the client when their filing process is concerned. 

  • We complete the complex visa process on your behalf
  • We collect all the essential documents required to apply for a visa.
  • We help you to prepare relevant paperwork, accommodation confirmations and financial statements.
  • We monitor, track and follow up on the processing of your visa.
  • We guide you to eliminate all the possible reasons that might reject your visa.
  • If required- we also train you for interview preparations.

Benefits of choosing NFCI GLOBAL

Along with visa assistance, we also help you with other formalities necessary to travel to your desired destinations. With years of experience in Tourist visa services Jalandhar, we plan your travel for free and partner in your memorable stay. Our services are available at every step for travelling abroad with ethics. We the best Europe Tourist Visa consultant Jalandhar provide the highest level of assistance with our experience and expertise. NFCI Global is the master franchise of NFCI education with a prominent name. 

Fulfil your dream to travel abroad with the best Europe Europe Tourist Visa consultant Jalandhar for a comfortable experience. 

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