Are you looking forward to pursuing a hospitality program in Malta?

But, what….? Are you confused about the scope of the hospitality program there?

Oh, so just blow this worry of yours in the air because, in this blog, you will get all the required information about Malta and hospitality programs.

So, let’s start with knowing about the country Malta itself.

About Malta:-

Hospitality program in Malta

Malta is a small country in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy. It has an area of 316 km and is composed of three major islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The capital city is Valletta.

It has a population of just over 400,000 people. As per the size of this country, there is a very limited number of universities. One of them is ‘The University of Malta.’ It is a public university that offers degrees in various fields. The university has been in operation since 1970 and has grown to become the third largest university in the country. It has campuses all over Malta, as well as overseas campuses in China, India, and Italy.

There are currently over 10,000 students enrolled at the University of Malta. The university offers a wide range of courses and degrees for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Type of Hospitality Programs in Malta:-

  • Both full-time and part-time courses are available. Students can enroll as per their choice.
  • Students can choose between Diploma, Undergraduate, and Post-Graduation level degrees.
  • Vocational and professional training are also provided.
  • Various kinds of degrees are provided in the subjects, such as – Law, Art, Science, Economics, Management, Education, etc.

Why Study Hospitality Program in Malta?

There are many reasons for studying the hospitality program in Malta. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Safe and welcoming place: Malta is a small island country in the central Mediterranean. It has a population of just over 400,000, and it has been inhabited since around 5200 BC. Malta is a safe and welcoming place to live and study.
  • Enjoy Higher education abroad: One benefit is that you can learn English and other languages early and have the opportunity to go abroad for your higher education.
  • Reasonable cost of living: Another benefit is that it’s very affordable to live in Malta because the cost of living is lower than in most European countries, so you can save money while studying there.
  • Best Education System: Malta’s education system is one of the best in the world. It ranks among the top 20 for quality in all three major international assessments: PISA, TIMMS, and PIRLS.
  • Free for EU/EEA Students: The country offers free university tuition to EU citizens. There are more than 50 universities on the island, offering over 200 undergraduate degrees and 300 postgraduate degrees across all disciplines, from law to computer science.
  • Ph.D. Program in English: Malta offers more than 50 Ph.D. programs with English as the medium of instruction for most courses.
  • English as Official Language: The English language has been the official language of Malta since 1921. Two languages are spoken on the island: Maltese and English. Maltese is the native language, a Semitic language that is also spoken in Algeria, Egypt, and Libya. English is used for instruction in schools and for official purposes.
  • Top Universities: The best universities in Malta are the University of Malta, the University of Kent, and the University College London (UCL). These universities offer excellent programs for students who want to study abroad and get an education from one of the best schools in Europe.

After collecting information about the reasons and benefits of studying hospitality programs in Malta, let’s explore the scope of studying there.

Scope of Studying Hospitality Program in Malta:-

  • The Malta tourism industry is one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing countries.
  • The country’s tourism sector is a significant contributor to the country’s GDP, accounting for around 18% of GDP.
  • Tourism contributes to around 10% of Malta’s employment and provides livelihoods for about 10% of its population.
  • Tourism is one of the most important pillars of the Maltese economy. It is a significant source of income and employment, as well as a vital part of the development of Malta’s economic infrastructure.
  • The tourism industry in Malta employs more than 20% of its workforce and contributes to 12% of its GDP.
  • The hospitality industry plays an integral role in this industry, with over 10,000 jobs generated by this sector alone.

Now, it is time for you to learn about the visa application procedure for Malta.

Application Procedure to Apply Visa for Malta: –

The process of applying for a visa to Malta is not an easy one. Many requirements need to be met before the application can be submitted-

  • The first step is determining if the applicant is eligible for a visa. All applicants must have a valid passport and be from a country eligible for visas.
  • The next step includes finding out if the applicant’s country has an embassy in Malta. If there is not, then it will be necessary to find out what other country’s embassy in Malta can issue the visa and then make arrangements with that embassy.
  • Applicants who are from countries with an embassy in Malta will have to submit their application there and wait for approval before they can go on with their trip.

Do You Also Want to Pursue Hospitality Program in Malta?

Hopefully, now it will be clear to you about Malta and why studying the hospitality program in Malta is beneficial for you. There are many other advantages of studying there which you can observe and experience only after being there. 

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