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Welcome to NFCI GLOBAL

Visa consultant & Immigration Services in Jalandhar

Every student wants to get the best education and study abroad with a great study program. Aspirants dream to travel and study abroad to explore the best alternatives on the globe and get the best jobs to make a decent career. Exploring a multicultural environment with global networking is a lifetime asset for students. The best way to fulfil this dream is through support from the Immigration Services in Jalandhar. 

NFCI Global has been working as a promising immigration service Provider in Jalandhar. We have been working for nearly 3 decades to organize foreign admissions and easy immigration work for students. We have alliances with the top foreign educational institutions and universities to provide the best study opportunities to students. Our team supervises aspirants to get a tourist visa for Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, France and Singapore. As an immigration service provider in Jalandhar we serve students studying in Canada, Australia, the USA, UK and New Zealand. 

NFCI Global is a visa consultant in Jalandhar to assist people interested in travelling abroad for short tours for recreation or business purposes. Our experienced and qualified team ensures convenient documentation for travelling or studying abroad for students. 

What we do


NFCI GLOBAL the best leading visa consultant in Jalandhar working at the International level deals with the various Immigration Services in Jalandhar and having the support of superior Visa Consultants.

Study in the Top Most Universities and Colleges Abroad.

Travel your dream destination, Plan your Hazel free travel with us

As NFCI GLOBAL is the Master Franchise of NFCI Education

Updated IELTS Content with assured Band Scores that meet you requirement.

Our Services

  1. IELTS programme- An English language skill is very important for travelling or studying abroad. For this reason, an IELTS certificate with a fixed score is a significant condition to study abroad. We provide different kinds of IELTS programmes. Our practical teaching method shall help students to score better with undivided attention in a small and concise batch. NFCI Global also provides complete support for aspirants to get their desired score in IELTS.
  2. Study Abroad- It can be an ideal alternative for students to pursue higher education in a foreign country from a renowned university. Students get better learning and career opportunities. We are a leading immigration service in Jalandhar. Our service includes choosing the right university for students, assisting them to get admission there and complete the work of visa and immigration for them with assistance at every step. We supervise the aspirants for future growth in their career.
  3. Travel visa:- The world is becoming a big global market and travelling internationally has become a common affair. People travel for tourism, recreational, personal or business purposes. For this travel visa and is an essential requirement. We assist in visa processing by complete documentation, smooth visa processing, and entire travel planning services.
Welcome to NFCI GLOBAL

World Leading Immigration & Consulting Services


NFCI Global Pvt Ltd is a leading Immigration Services in Jalandhar providing Study Visa solutions on Pan India level, Specialized in settling students to Universities and colleges of Abroad in the countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK & Singapore.  

It's a genius authorized charter of NFCI GLOBAL and provides full-hearted support to their clients for special services like -

Immigration Services in Jalandhar

Career Oriented Guidance

NFCI GLOBAL Pvt. Ltd helps to achieve Study Visa all around the world specially in the countries i. e Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore and so on with the add on offers of guiding the students about the requirements before their departure and after their landing to make them comfortable and familiar to the surroundings. Our students are settled in the best colleges as well as universities such as - UNBC, M College, Eton College, Canada College, Aims College, Victoria University, Edenz College, Charles Darwin University, etc.

Best IELTS Consultancy

We not only focused on Visa's but also help our clients to get the best grades in their IELTS exams. For that our skilled staff gives the best and genuine coaching with proper and timely tests, preparations.

Convert dreams into reality

Besides this, it also deals in granting Visitors Visa through which one can travel to his/ her fairyland without any problem with full preparation. It makes your dream travelling an unforgettable reality.

Why Choose NFCI Global Visa Consultant?

NFCI Global has gained a distinction as one of the leading visa consultants in Jalandhar with a comprehensive range of services. We ensure the comfort of our clients by assisting, supporting and monitoring them in the documentation and formalities to study or travel abroad. We have a skilled team with competent professionals who have working in this field and assurances a complete backing in this complex work. We specialise in pre-departure and post-departure services with the entire address of the client’s concerns and problems. Our contacts and collaborations bring out the best offers and deals resulting in proper guidance and aid for filing the dream to travel and study abroad. 


Step by Step Assistance to the client at every stage of Visa processing.


Need and Interest Based Guidance.


Streamlined Visa Process that leads to 100% Visa success Rate.


Tie-up with Top Most Universities & Colleges Abroad.


Prime Importance to Professional while dealing with the Client.


Lifetime Customer Care service to the client once enrolled with NFCI Global.


Give wings to your dreams of studying abroad and making a bright future by choosing the best immigration services in Jalandhar.

What makes our Immigration Services unique in the crowd?


Our tailored based guidance to our customers as per their wish, needs and desire.


A fully professional approach is used with proper understanding to provide the best to each client.


Understand the calibre of the client we guide them for the various courses available for them.


Having trust with the best and topmost result-oriented colleges and universities.


Helps the client at each phase of the Visa processing from the deciding and filling stage to the reaching and settling stage.


Transparent, Trustworthy and Elegant processing service with the top to bottom success rate.


Lifetime Customer Care service to the client once enrolled with NFCI Global.


Open arm available facility from the starting to the ending of the Visa getting or approval process.


Once registered by anyone with us we care for them through out their life to help them to get the best.


We carefully analyze suitable options for you as per education & skills attained.


We present your documents to the particular Institution and apply for the Offer Letter.


After Letter of Acceptance from the Institution, We continue for the Visa Application.

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3. Get Accepted Accept Your Nomination
4. VISA Apply for Your Visa
5. Ready to Fly Get Ready to Fly

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In nutshell,  NFCI Global Pvt.  Ltd. focus on establishing the best and lifetime relationship with their clients by providing them with the best in each area of their services.  The Visa Consultants are available for you at any time to make you feel comfortable,  energetic and passionate to get the best for yourself. Contact us now for Immigration Services in Jalandhar or Know more about Immigration Experts in Jalandhar.

"Be smart... Be passionate about your dreams to fly high... Be with us..."

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