Canada Tourist Visa

canada tourist visa

Travelling has become a common recreational activity and business requirement in the modern world of increased connectivity. Technology has reduced the gap between borders, so the need to visit other countries for personal and professional reasons is a normal affair. There is an increased number of flights, airports and other transportation options with increased travel comfort. But, one thing that remains problematic and a barrier for foreign travelling is visa and documentation work. We are experienced Canada Tourist Visa Services Jalandhar provide tourist visa services. 

For the convenience of our clients, NFCI Global has been working as a leading Canada Tourist Visa consultant Jalandhar to assist in the visa process and formalities. A normal tourist Canadian visa is required by individuals who want to travel to Canada for tourism or personal reasons. Before you apply for a visa, you should know about the visa kind and process. A non-migrant visa is used by people who want to Canada for business reasons, students and visiting tourist places. Some people even go to visit their relatives and known friends. The visa is allowed for 6 months which includes single or multiple entries. You can not take up a job there with a tourist visa but you can travel for leisure and recreation.

Requirements for Visa

The details and requirements to apply for the visa process are:-

  1. Duly completed, printed and signed visa application form from the official website. (https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/).
  2. Two recent colour passport size (2inch x 2inch) photographs in colour showing full front face with a white background to be pasted on the application form.
  3. Current valid passport with a minimum of 190 days validity and must have a minimum of 2 blank pages.

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Eligibility documents and criteria:-


A valid passport


A formal letter of invitation if you will visit and stay with your relatives


No criminal record


Documents to prove that you have connected with your home country


Medical clearance


Financial statements or bank records are proof that you have enough financial resources for travelling.


No plan to take up a job

5 reasons to visit Canada (Tourist spots)

Tourism is an important reason for travelling to Canada. There are numerous reasons to visit Canada and several places to tour. We have listed the top 5 reasons to visit Canada for tourism purpose:-

Canada 45 national parks

National parks

Do you like to visit outdoor places and explore nature? If yes, then Canada is the second-largest country in the world with 45 national parks for tourists to visit and enjoy. It includes the popular Glacier National Park and Rouge National Urban Park full of nature and wildlife.

Niagara falls

Watch the flowing Niagara falls

Get a chance to visit one of the most popular waterfalls in the world. Niagara falls have a picturesque beauty with an elegant landscape.

Visit Toronto

Visit Toronto

You can visit one of the most cities in the world that is Toronto- the capital of Canada. It is a big, vibrant, lively and busy city full of fun and joy. It is a house for 6 million residents with a diverse blend of people from all over the country belonging to different cultures.

To explore outdoor activities

To explore outdoor activities

A good reason to visit Canada is taking a part in a wide range of outdoor activities. It has a big land size with a small population. So, you can conveniently explore activities like skiing, rafting, snowboarding, golfing, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking etc.

Canada Tourist Visa
Attend pompous events and festivals

Canadians love to party and they are hospitable. So, you can take part and enjoy the popular events and festivals like Celebration of lights (largest firework competition in the world), Edmonton Folk music festival, Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, etc.

Our support in tourist visa services:

As a promising aid for Canada tourist visa services, Jalandhar helps in proving the best strategy for visa clearance and visa documentation. We aim to assist and supervise your visa clearance work and ensure timely completion of the official procedure. We manage all the possible problems that might crop up and help you to solve them. 

  • We give the best assistance for presenting yourself to reduce the risk of personal interview formalities.
  • We guide you on how to declare and share your financial records to avoid any barriers to visa clearance.
  • We help you to prepare relevant paperwork, accommodation confirmations and financial statements.
  • We help you to Fill forms and timely submit them for immediate and quick processing.
  • We monitor and track the visa procedure.
  • We Review your document to suggest relevant changes from our experience.

We being a leading Canada tourist visa services Jalandhar make sure that your submission of documents has the highest chance for visa clearance. 

Benefits of choosing NFCI GLOBAL:-

Fulfil your dream to travel abroad in Canada with renowned Canada Tourist Visa Services Jalandhar.

NFCI global has a distinguished recognition in tourist visa services. Our services begin right from the documentation and supervision in filling the forms and completing all the formalities up till you utilise the visa for travelling. We have a qualified team that is always at your service with complete help at every step. Our goal is to make sure that you fulfil your desire to travel abroad without facing any problems or barriers in the documentation and visa process. 

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