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NFCI Global is the Best Visa consulting company and Immigration Experts in Jalandhar for candidates looking for Study Visa solutions overseas in Canada, Australia, the USA, UK, and New Zealand. We Also Provide Ielts Counsaltacy and visitor visa solutions to our clients looking for the same.

We are currently settling candidates in well-established Colleges & Universities like:-

  • Unbc – University Of Northern British Columbia
  • M College
  • Eton College
  • Canada College
  • Academy Of Learning
  • Codecore College
  • Aims College
  • Mercyhurst University
  • Atmc- Southern Cross University
  • Marymount California University
  • Federation University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Victoria University
  • Nz- Atmc Nz College
  • Edenz college

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NFCI Global is a leading group of companies at national level, renowned in quality services and standard education. We deal in multiple ventures of immigration, NFCI education, and Theilearning. NFCI global is one of the leading Immigration Experts in Jalandhar with years of experience. The journey started in 1990 with Nikhar hobby Centre that later turned into the National finishing and cookery institute (NFCI). We have an experienced team with qualified individuals serving the needs of traveling and study abroad. Our service is given at a pocket-friendly cost with professional quality to meet the expectation of our clients. We provide immigration services, online portal services, educational programs, and outlets.

In the era of globalization, the world has come closer with more and more international flights across the world to serve the needs of the community.  Even business and personal relations have developed in a technology-friendly world where people have more reasons to travel. Although, traveling across borders requires a visa, special documents, and eligibility laid down by the respective nation. This can be difficult for most of the common people who are willing to travel. Therefore, we work on easing this task for our clients with immigration services. 

NFCI Global is one of the best Immigration Consultants in Jalandhar providing IELTS, tourist visa, study abroad, end-to-end visa assistance, ticket booking, accommodation confirmations, admissions into foreign universities, and much more at one-stop. We understand the need of modern career demands and work on planning and facilitating students to get the best opportunities to study internationally. We have been assisting clients to travel globally with different kinds of cases as one of the most popular Immigration Experts in Jalandhar

We respect the privacy of our clients and make sure that their crucial details remain confidential. NFCI global is a pan-Indian level group of companies possessing expertise in visa documentation and study abroad services. We work to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our clients by complete transparency and legitimate processing. In addition, we guide in career counseling by establishing a good rapport with our clients and offering high-quality service. You can be assured of our promising service. 

Our Services

  • IELTS- An important requirement to study abroad is to get a qualification like a recognized certificate English language exam like IELTS. We analyze the IELTS requirement of individual cases and give them teaching and practical training. We have small batches for a better understanding of students and give complete assistance to them for scoring their best. 
  • Study Abroad- Every student wants to get the best study opportunity and qualifications from the most renowned universities in the world. This gives them a chance to carve the best career for themselves. NFCI global provides a comprehensive study abroad opportunity which includes getting career guidance, college admissions, offer letter, study visa, accommodations, travel tickets, pre-departure and post-departure services, etc. 
  • Travel visa- Travelling is a common affair in the present world. People travel for short vacations, business purposes, or any given personal reasons. We ensure the comfortable traveling of our clients by arranging tickets, travel itinerary, accommodations, preparation for personal interviews, etc. NFCI global has special expertise in visa processing. 

The work of NFCI Global Immigration Experts in Jalandhar is aimed at providing quality services worth every penny without any kind of compromise. We are unique because of the constant efforts for something new. We have a future vision of entering the food and financial industry. No doubt, there are a lot of frauds and cheating in the mark over immigration services. But, we emphasize quality. We will guide a person accurately. We don’t believe in false promises. We make sure that the client gets the best value for their money. Furthermore, NFCI global lends assistance for immigration in case of a Study visa, PR, Work permit, and every possible reason to travel abroad.

NFCI Global is a master franchise in the NFCI group of education providing standard education services for the past 31 years. This setup has been providing education services in the country partnering with the national skill development initiative and various other collaborations. Furthermore, we also provide franchises under NFCI education for increasing the scope and quality of education in the country. 

NFCI has launched a new venture of “ilearning” to extend the learning scope with the power of the internet. The work behind this venture is to create, design, and promote educational and skill development courses. This platform is placed on the internet that offers various study courses online with proper certification to give it worldwide recognition. It is a prospective business opportunity for other educational programs to introduce their course on this platform. Students from all over the world get a flexible chance to learn arow. They can study at their comfort and learn new skills to earn in a competitive world.


Mr. Pemninder Singh Nagpal


Mrs. Brijinder Kaur Nagpal

Sanjiv Sir

Mr. Sanjeev Kashyap


Mrs. Anjna Joshi


NFCI has a stretch of campuses over the country with branches at:-

  • Amritsar
  • Barsar (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Kangra
  • Mandi
  • Ludhiana
  • Maqsudan
  • Mohali
  • Solan
  • Dalhousie
  • Patiala
  • Jalandhar

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