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The competition in the employment sector has increased with fewer jobs and more applicants. In this case, the employers always take a look at the qualifications and universities in the resume to hiring the best talent for their work. This is a major reason why most people look for getting the best education abroad and securing a good job or making a good career. This is where New Zealand study visa immigration in Jalandhar comes to the rescue.

A preferred option among international students in New Zealand. This country has developed a popular name for itself in the education sector. It presents some of the best opportunities to study aspirants. A qualification from that university is esteemed all around the world. There are good and relevant options to study in New Zealand which makes it different.  

A New Zealand study visa is essential permission required to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months. This visa has some document requirements, eligibility and differs depending on your situations. So, before applying for the visa. Is essential to know that the particular visa is relevant to their situation and needs. Then it is important to gather all the documents and then pay for the complete procedure that involves various steps. 

NFCI Global is a noted as a great New Zealand study visa immigration in Jalandhar.  We assist students in the process to get their access to a New Zealand study visa. We also manage flight tickets, accommodations, Health and financial records etc that are necessary for visa application. Along with that, we help you to find your dream university for your chosen course and get admission into it. We partner with you to clear your IELTS tests and receive an offer letter. Then you become just ready to go. 

Why New-Zealand?

New Zealand is also one of the world’s best places to live and study.  One can Discover the internationally-renowned education system and unbeatable lifestyle. Apart from the beautiful atmosphere, it is also becoming a popular country among the students looking to study in the International Countries, and becoming a topmost preference among Indian students who are looking to study abroad.  New zealand has an excellent education system,  Internationally  accredited qualifications, While studying here, you can be assured of a welcoming and friendly society. New Zealand has an excellent support system for international students.  

All the 7  universities in New Zealand consistently rank in Times Education Ranking, and qualification from any of these are accepted worldwide, The New Zealand Qualification Authority ensures that the institutes who are enrolling International students are registered and comply with qualification standards. In New Zealand teaching techniques are research based, which make students capable of dealing with problematic situations in a well organized and systematic manner. 

An International student in New Zealand, can work 20 hours every week during the semesters and full-time during breaks. The research scholar and doctoral degree holders are allowed to work full-time during the study. 

The requirements that must be fulfilled for receiving the New Zealand Study Visa are

  1. A confirmation on admission and offer letter from a recognized university or other educational institutions in New Zealand. Evidence of payment of tuition fees or exemption from payment of fees
  2. Visa application fee payment
  3. Proof of enough financial resources for sustaining your stay, study health, tickets etc. 
  4. The latest passport photo (coloured with white background)
  5. A passport that must be valid for a minimum of 3 months after your departure date from New Zealand and old passports if any. 
  6. A return air ticket to your home or sufficient money for buying it
  7. Applicants below 18 years will need written confirmation of appropriate housing agreement in New Zealand from a person or institution
  8. Applicants above 17 years will need a police certificate that shall confirm their decent character if they want to study for more than 2 years
  9. A tuberculosis screening is asked in some cases if the plan is to stay for more than 180 days.

What are the benefits of studying in New Zealand?

Apart from being a beautiful place to live with amazing sights, it also has a well-developed education infrastructure that makes New Zealand one of the top choices for overseas students like:

  • Recognized qualifications- All 8 universities in New Zealand are ranked among the best global institutions for higher studies. The qualifications are recognised globally and are by high-quality education standards.
  • Excellent learning system- The education system in New Zealand is founded on a research-based learning model. Systematic teaching modules are using different kinds of methods for concept-based learning. 
  • Innovation- New Zealand gives a wide range of chances to students for research purposes. The educational institutions in the country have the latest technology, modern laboratories and expert teachers. You can gauge the success and innovation of the study model by the number of Nobel prizes won by its citizens.
  • Best place for PhD scholars- There are additional benefits for PhD scholars in New Zealand. The country takes the same study fees from them as taken from other local students.  There are full-time job alternatives for them making their study easier. 
  • Peaceful environment- New Zealand took the 2nd position on the global peace index of 2018. There is social tolerance and good political stability for a safe and peaceful environment.
  • Good quality of life- New Zealand is a developed and multicultural nation with good public amenities and a great outdoor lifestyle. The snow-clad mountains, temperate forests and green hills with golden sand beaches make it a perfect place to stay and study. 

NFCI Global services to support you for study in New Zealand:

We provide great support to study aspirants for New Zealand like:-

  • Clearing English test- To study abroad, it is necessary to get a good result in English speaking. This proof is essential to get a study visa. We help you to learn this course and score well. 
  • Visa application- We provide end-to-end assistance for visa application and clearance. A study visa requires more complex processing and we do it for you with convenience.
  • Accommodation conformations- For getting a visa you need to give confirmed booking proof with your visa application. NFCI Global also helps you in providing the confirmation of the same. 
  • Admission processing and offer letter- We help you find the relevant university and complete the formalities and get admission on time. Along with that we also manage to get you a formal offer letter from the University.
  • Flight tickets and health cover- New Zealand study visa immigration in Jalandhar get you the best flight ticket offers with the proper health cover necessary for a study visa and travelling abroad to New Zealand. 


  • Admission Checklist
  • Sample SOP
  • CV v/s Resume
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP- Guidelines
  • Resume – Guidelines
  • General RECO Letter
  • CV – Guidelines
  • SOP – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Resume – Sample
  • Business RECO Letter

Colleges and Universities in New Zealand

  • Nz- Atmc Nz College
  • Edenz college

Why choose NFCI global for study in New Zealand?

We have a good experience of working as a New Zealand study visa consultant in Jalandhar. We make sure that you get a chance to conveniently travel with all the necessary permission. We smoothen your difficult journey by taking up the task for all the official work. Our experience gives a better understanding of the requirements and ways to fill and file forms. We make sure that your application is of the highest quality and review all your documents and guide to collect and prepare the others. 

Make your dreams to study in New Zealand true by choosing NFCI Global – a professional and responsible New Zealand study visa consultant in Jalandhar.

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