New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand Tourist Visa

A relaxing break from daily life is very essential and the best form of the break is travelling. A vacation for business, personal or travel purposes fills people with new life and gives them a refreshing feeling. All the developed countries in the world have invested a good number of resources to develop their tourism infrastructure. One such country is New Zealand. A New Zealand tourist visa consultant Jalandhar can tell you more about it. 

When you want to travel to New Zealand, the necessary permission or application is a visa. A standard New Zealand visa is given to the people of other countries who want to travel to the country. The visitor should have a justified reason for travelling like visiting their relatives, business reasons or for taking a tour around the country. A New Zealand visa allows a 3-month journey to the country. It can extend to 9 or even 18 months in extraordinary cases. 

NFCI global is an experienced New Zealand Visa consultant Jalandhar lending the highest quality of services to travel aspirants. We assist in receiving convenient travel permissions, visa, tickets, accommodation bookings and other essentials for travel. Our goal is to give you the best services and ensure problem-free travelling to your planned destination. We assist you in every possible way to give you a stress-free journey. The services by NFCI global include helping you to get all the official documents and letters required for travelling abroad. 

Documents required for getting a New Zealand visa

There are several documents require to apply and get a Visa for New Zealand that is:

  1. A valid passport. It should have at least 6 months validity from the day you shall reach New Zealand.
  2. Two latest photographs of 35mm x 45mm with a white background.
  3. Filled visa application forms with a formal letter that justifies your purpose to visit.
  4. Round trip tickets and details of the complete schedule of the visit.
  5. International Credit card copies and their transaction details
  6. Financial records of the past 6 months. 
  7. No criminal records

With the help of a New Zealand tourist visa services Jalandhar, you can track the visa process. The visa processing normally takes 10 days with normal working days but it can be delayed by holidays in between. In extraordinary cases, more time can be consumed.

Steps to apply for New Zealand’s Visa

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Submit the documents at the New Zealand Visa application centre


The documents need approval from the immigration officials of New Zealand to process visas.


Submit Visa fee (in PHP currency)


Choose an accurate visa category based on the purpose of your visit.


Documents and verification involve no personal interviews.


Supporting documents are required for sponsored visits.

5 reasons to visit New Zealand

  • The exotic Maori culture- It has become rare when a country is successful in preserving its exact traditional culture. But New Zealand has been able to preserve its Maori culture with its rich history and heritage. While travelling at the local places you will see descriptions and instances of the culture on TV, street signs, regular interaction and conversations etc.
  • Popular vineyards- New Zealand has temperate weather and soil diversity which houses authentic viticulture. There is a big network of vineyards in Central Otago with the majority of Red grapes. Vineyards are even found at Marlborough, north and south islands etc.
  • Travel with safety- While travelling people always have a concern related to security and safety. But, New Zealand is comparatively safe from other countries in the world. You can travel at night even at shady places without any safety threats.
  • Take part in world-class Adventures: There is a wide range of outdoor activities to engage in New Zealand and to create lifelong memories. You can do Bungy jumping in Queenstown, abseiling in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges, Caving and canyoning in Waitomo, boating, rafting etc.
  • Mesmerizing hiking- New Zealand has high terrains, gentle mountains and beautiful landscapes for decent strolls and hiking. There are popular national parks, North and South islands for filling the hiking zeal.

Our support in visa for New Zealand:

As a New Zealand Tourist Visa services Jalandhar, NFCI global has been providing visa services to travel aspirants for Zealand. The visa process is very important and yet very complex. But our expertise rescues you from this complexity.

  • We provide visa services for all the major countries in the world.
  • The submission of financial statements is very significant for visa clearance. so, we guide you in preparing these statements.
  • Filling forms and managing documentation.
  • We provide training in case of personal interviews.
  • End-to-End visa assistance
  • Guidance to get rid of visa rejection possibilities.

Benefits of choosing NFCI global for New Zealand visa services:

Visit your dream destination with easy visa clearance by a promising New Zealand tourist visa consultant Jalandhar. 

As a popular New Zealand Tourist Visa consultant Jalandhar, we have a good level of expertise in this work. We keep a keen track of your visa processing and ensure that the application has the highest qualification for selection. NFCI Global gives all-around services include IELTS coaching, Tourist visa and study abroad services for all the popular nations around the world. We partner with you at each step for the complete address of queries and concerns for a hassle-free journey. 

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