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  • March 14, 2022
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Canada……., have you heard the name? Oh, what am I even talking about. Of course, you must hear. A country like Canada doesn’t need any introduction. The name itself is everything.

Canada is famous for its magnificent beauty, and snow. There is no doubt that plenty of people goes to visit this place every year. But, one of the prominent reasons for which Canada is very famous is of ‘Study Visa’. This country has become the most loved destination of students from all over the world. However, the one who wants to pursue his/her studies in Canada has to fulfill some student visa requirements for Canada. 

Before going to discuss further, we must know about what is student visa that is must needed for the students.

What is Student Visa of Canada?

A document considered as permission to study in Canada, for the students of any country is called the student visa of Canada. This consent is issued by the immigration authority of Canada. A student of another country cannot study in Canada if s/he doesn’t have a student visa. Besides this, those students who have Canadian student visas can opt for any course in the authorized institutions there.

Eligibility of student visa requirement for Canada: –

To apply for the student visa, one must fulfill the below-given criteria:

  • Acceptance letter: For the sake of a student visa in Canada, the candidate must have an acceptance letter or offer letter from the DLI (Designated Learning Institute) of Canada. Designated learning Institute means the institute/college that is authorized by the government of the respective country to host foreign students.
  • Adequate Funds: The candidate must have proper proof to show that s/he has sufficient funds to pay his/her fee and other expenses.
  • No criminal Record: The police verification certificate is needed to provide by the student to prove that s/he doesn’t have any criminal record.
  • Medical Certificate: Medical checkup is one of the prominent student visa requirements for Canada. The aspirants must need to submit the medical certificate as a proof of good health.

Another Included eligibility for student visa requirement for Canada:-

Due to Covid-19, one more eligibility that has become a part of eligibility criteria is that the student must be fully vaccinated and has a certificate of complete vaccination.

The student who is under 18, and doesn’t get fully vaccinated yet can contact their DLI for an approved plan.

Documents needed for student visa requirements for Canada:-

So far it must have cleared to you that the foremost you need is the offer letter to apply for the Canadian study visa. Still, there is the list of documents that are needed, have mentioned below:

  • Valid passport:A valid passport is a must to apply for a foreign visa. Canadian high commission has made it mandatory that the student’s passport who is coming to study in Canada, must have a validity same or more than as the duration of the course s/he has opted.
  • Offer letter by DLI:An acceptance letter or offer letter is the document without which an aspirant can’t proceed for the further step towards applying for the student visa. This document is provided by the designated learning institution.
  • Funds proof:As per the current standard of student visa requirement of Canada, the student must have to show that s/he has proper funds with which fees and other living expenses can be paid.
  • Passport photos: A recent and 35 x 45 mm two photographs are needed at the time of apply application for the visa.
  • Immigration medical examination: A compulsory medical examination is performed of all the students who desired to go to Canada. A panel of physicians will perform this medical check-up. Basically chest x-ray and laboratory test are required in this examination.
  • Proficiency score in English language: Before applying for the visa application, the student must have got the bands that are required as per his/her course or university/college. The most famous English language tests are IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Statement of purpose: This document is optional but it would be great if you submit this document too. It is a document in which the student has to mention the purpose of going to Canada and why s/he has selected this country.
  • Credit card: The credit card is needed to pay the application fee if you are applying an online application. It must be noted that only credit card is acceptable when you are making online application fee.

Things to keep in mind that coversunder student visa requirements for Canada:-

  • Processing time
  • Must examine how you will apply
  • Must attach VFS consent form with application form.
  • Payment of processing fees.
  • Submission of your application and other documents From the above detailed information, it must be crystal clear to you that what the eligibility, what documents are needed, and the things to check before applying for student visa requirements for Canada.

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