• February 22, 2022
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Are you planning to study abroad? The decision to study abroad is one of the most vital decisions in life. A student gets the top opportunity to study at the best universities from the best educators in the world. This enables them to learn better and successfully build a career to earn decent wages. 

At the same time, foreign countries offer a better opportunity to experience a better quality of life.  However,  it is not easy to get admission abroad because there are multiple eligibility criteria and formalities that you need to complete before studying abroad. But, the most difficult part can be to get a good IELTS score. 

Europe houses some of the most developed and most visited countries in the world. Also, the official languages of many countries is English. So, they require a good IELTS score for admission. 

Do you want to get admission in European universities without IELTS?

Many universities in Europe offer admission without IELTS.  Students from around the world come to Europe because it houses some of the best and oldest educational universities in the world. 

So, without further ado let’s know about the countries in Europe to study without IELTS:- 

(1). France- France has no particular requirements to analyze the English language proficiency like IELTS. It is the ideal place to study abroad, due rich culture, architecture and enhanced student life. An opportunity to study in France will let you learn the language and gain a better cultural insight. 

(2). Italy- Italy is a country that has expertise in aesthetics and culinary. Also, Italy has one of the oldest universities in the world that provides high-quality education. You will get a multi-cultural ambience with an affordable fee structure. 

(3). Germany- German universities have some of the top global universities that give an opportunity for quality education with hands-on learning experience.  Students can get an opportunity to study in a safe and friendly environment while improving their academic qualifications. 

(4). Belgium- Do you know what makes Belgium an ideal place to study abroad? Belgium has one of the most tolerant populations with vibrant cities and cultural attractions. It has a trilingual education system with pocket friendly tuition fees and a diverse study program. The majority of bachelor’s courses are offered in Dutch or French. 

(5). Poland- Poland is one the best student destinations with an enriching cultural experience.  Majority of the students studying in the country prefer its historical landmarks, breathtaking landscapes and a vibrant city life. 

(6). Sweden- The Nordic country of Sweden has excellent education that lands more emphasis on group and independent study than the traditional lecture system. Moreover, Sweden is ranked as the best in gender equality and overall progress of the students. 

(7). Spain- Spain has a rich historical heritage with an affordable living for students. It has an interesting culture and lifestyle well positioned in global education rankings. The country is popular for its medical roots and houses one of the oldest universities in the world. 

(8). Norway- The universities in Norway are well equipped with the latest technology and a large amount of practical experience. Furthermore,  you can get a wide range of career opportunities with a positive city life. Norway has a stunning landscape with high mountains and striking coastlines. 

(9). Denmark- Denmark offers a high quality education with a great level of independence with some self scheduling programs.  It provides low cost tuition fees and innovative teaching methods. The study program is a balance of studies and free time activities. 

(10). Cyprus- Study programs in Cyprus have a practically oriented curriculum.  There are high graduation rates with accessible study programs. It has a high standard of living with a quality learning process. 

These are the countries that offer opportunities to study abroad in Europe without IELTS.  Let us tell you about the process of studying in Europe without IELTS.  

How can you study in Europe without IELTS?

The following steps will help you to study in some best European countries without IELTS. They are:  

  1. Find and Shortlist the Courses and Universities you want to study in Europe and apply in it.
  2. After the profile gets shortlisted you can go ahead with a personal interview.
  3. You can get a letter of acceptance from the university, if you qualify a video interview.
  4. Then apply for a Student Visa and you are good to go. 

Do you want to study abroad in these countries without IELTS?

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